Hi, I new here so thought I would introduce myself
My name is sarah I'm 29.
I had my second child 13 months ago I also have a 10 yr old.
Whilst pregnant I managed to gain a whopping 4 and half stone I went from 9 stone to 13 and a half!!!!
I managed to lose 2 stone without doing anything over the year but could shift the last of it.
so just before Xmas I decided that enough is enough I need to lose some weight I joined the juice plus complete diet and have managed to lose the last of my baby weight.

So the reason I've joined up here is too see what I can do to get rid of my baby pouch lol.
What are the best toning exercises? I haven't really got time for the gym so things that I can do at home would be great
thank you for reading
sarah x