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    Hello! My name is Jenny and this is my first day on In fact.. I've never been on a forum before, so I have much to learn!

    I was never and still am not an athletic type. I get frightened when anything is thrown at me so playing sports isn't much of my thing. But strangely, I love fitness and different exercises I can do to challenge myself. However, college happened. I stopped working out and ate like I'm planning to hibernate. Hence, I've lost all my strength and gained uncomfortable amount fat.

    Recently, I got back on making healthy choices for myself again to lean down and feel healthy & strong in my body this year! So I'm here hoping to be part of an encouraging community I don't have an exact weight goal, but my height is 5'2" and after losing a little weight, I now weigh 69kg or 151.8lbs. Hope I get to share a good success story here before 2014 passes! Until then~ I'll be cheering other people here and reading theirs!

    Thanks for reading my post and good luck to all!

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    28th December, 2013
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    Diet: Slimming World
    Height: 5ft4in
    Start Date: 9th January 2014
    Start Weight: 14st2lb
    Current Weight: 13st13lb
    Goal Weight: 10st12lb
    Goal Date: September 2014

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 34
    Current BMI: 33.5
    Goal BMI: 26.1

    Total Weight Loss: 0st3lb
    Weight to Lose: 3st1lb
    % Lost 1.52%
    Hi and welcome!

    You'll get on fine here, everyone is friendly and encouraging so just join in!
    Started SW 9th January 2014 14st 2lbs

    Week 1 STS
    Week 2 -4lbs

    Week 3 -0.5lb
    Week 4 -2.5lbs - SOTW
    Week 5 +1lb
    Week 6 +3lbs
    Week 7 -3lbs
    Week 8 - Holiday
    Week 9 - Holiday
    Week 10 +3lbs Need to stop mucking around and get shifting these pounds!!

    1/2 Stone (1lb to go) - 13st 9lbs
    1 Stone (8lbs to go) - 13st 2lbs
    Club 10 (13lbs to go) - 12st 11lbs
    BMI under 30 (1 stone 3lbs to go) - 12st 7lbs
    2 Stone (1 stone 8lbs to go) - 12st 2lbs
    2 & 1/2 Stone (2 stone 1lb to go) - 11st 9lbs
    3 Stone (2 stone 8lbs to go) - 11st 2lbs
    Target! (2stone 12lbs to go) - 10st 12lbs

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