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Thread: :D Hi! Iím Jamie

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    :D Hi! Iím Jamie

    Hi everyone! Iím Jamie, 28 years young and Iím ready to change to my life. To make a long story short Ė I had trouble losing weight after the birth of my daughter three years ago, and since then it has steady gotten worse. After hitting 100kg a month or so ago (after Christmas of course!) I was so ashamed that I let things get this far. I know that I have to make big changes in 2014. I really hate looking in the mirror these days and it wasnít always like thatÖ

    I feel like this is the one area of my life thatís holding me back. I have a good job and Iím generally a happy and bubbly person. My husband has been so supportive but I know he deserves the real me, the one he fell in love with. I want to be a positive role model for my daughter, and I want to have more energy in my life!

    Iíve love the community here so far and I want to give as much support as hopefully I will receive!

    Thanks for reading!

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    Hi Jamie, welcome! Which plan are you following? Good luck

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