Hi, I'm Laura. I've just started SW for the second time and I'm pretty new to this site (don't even remember registering in 2009!!!).
Anyway I'm determined. I lost 4 stone two years ago by calorie counting and was very strict with myself - lost the weight in no time because I had a few health problems so it motivated me! Then I got pregnant and put the 4 stone back on again! My daughter is now 14 months old and I feel like the time has come to stop being a lazy bum and lose the weight again but feel I need something regimented like SW as do not have such a kick to lose the weight this time round as all my health issues have gone. Not going to SW groups and keep reading v interesting threads on this website so thought I would rejoin and get some motivation and advice.

Anyway, quick question about the site. I'm trying to update my details (weight/height/occupation etc) but it comes back to me saying I put my height in wrong (despite following the instructions) and then doesn't update anything! Is this because I haven't got to 50 posts yet as I see you cannot actually view your profile until then? Or am I actually doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance