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Thread: Hi ..... Here we go again .

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    Hi ..... Here we go again .

    Thought I'd introduce myself
    lifetime yoyo dieter .... Did manage 3 years ago to lose just over 8 stone - went from 18st 6 to 10st 2. During the Last year that has crept back up to 12st 7 due to working away and basically being lazy and eating rubbish .

    Now most of my 'nice ' clothes don't fit me and I can feel myself turning into a recluse again , with the excuse of ' need to lose some weight first' , in addition , whilst trying over last few mths to unsuccessfully lose weight , I have started to recognise those feelings of panic and the ' oh never mind start again tomorrow' , but know from past experience tomorrow never comes and just feel like I'm on that slippery slope to disaster - again !!

    Anyhow summer is coming , and I'm determined to give it a proper go this time , not sure what diet to follow , but know that high protein does seem to suit me - so if anyone has any ideas / recommendations then gratefully received . I do work long hours , and am no nigella so need to be able to eat food that needs little prep .
    This is day 3 and all ok so far , need to get back to swimming & the gym but unfortunately closed today, however I do intend this afternoon to borrow my brothers dog and take her for a long walk - guess that's a start .

    Anyhow look forward to chatting with some of u on here and good luck to everyone !
    Lisa x

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    Diet: Avoiding overeating and grooming my metabolism
    Height: 1.64m
    Start Date: May 15th 2014
    Start Weight: 68.3kg
    Current Weight: 67.3kg
    Goal Weight: 62kg
    Goal Date: slowly, but surely, so that I stick to that BMI 23 once there

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 25.4
    Current BMI: 25
    Goal BMI: 23

    Total Weight Loss: 1kg
    Weight to Lose: 5.3kg
    % Lost 1.46%
    Hi there! How are you doing? Did you find the time to go to the gym? Walk the dogs?

    I'll try to exorcize this weekend. We'll see! lol

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    Diet: Vegan SW listening to Renee Stephens Podcasts
    Height: 5ft6.5in
    Start Date: 06/05/2014
    Start Weight: 18st3lb
    Current Weight: 16st4lb
    Goal Weight: 12st2lb
    Goal Date: ASAP

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 40.5
    Current BMI: 36.2
    Goal BMI: 27

    Total Weight Loss: 1st13lb
    Weight to Lose: 4st2lb
    % Lost 10.59%
    Good luck, I so identify with the gaining and regaining. That's an amazing achievement of yours to lose so much. You can get back to where you were before and being here and changing your eating and exercise pattern and being here for support is of course the way to do it. There are many books and videos on youtube about why diets fail us. I've been benefitting from reading and listening.

    Have fun with the dog walk, dogs can be a great way of exercising. I am amazed to think of it after the weight I've put back on (and am losing again!) but I actually ran with the encouragement of a dog we had for a while. He loved it. As we ran early morning in the park but it was funny as sometimes he would run one side of an obstacle and I would run the other side and his lead would bring us both to a sudden stop.

    Welcome to Minimins.

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    Hi Lissa, Just joined and can so identify with you. I have had successes and failures when losing weight over the years. I CAN do it, but somehow can't seem to maintain for long. Hopefully being on the site will give us both the motivation needed. Good luck to you.


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