Hi All,
I am totally new to minimins but I have heard a lot about it when I have been at slimming groups.
I am a single mum to a 14 month old. He stopped breastfeeding at Christmas and that's when my weight started piling on. (Also got a boyfriend as well so got a bit comfortable!!!)
I did a VLCD for a week and lost a stone in March which gave me the boost I needed but I have since put 5lb back on.
I am going to join slimming world on Monday (12th May) as I have done that a few times before and it has always worked.
PROBLEM - because I have done slimming world and I know the ins/outs I tend to stick to what I know and get comfortable with it which eventually turns into laziness and a few syns turn into way too many!!!
Any help with avoiding this trap would be great - the slimming group I will be going to doesn't have a great leader for encouragement/support but its the best day for me to go on is Monday.
I love cooking so any new recipe ideas would be great - I also need to take into consideration my sons taste buds as I have to cook for him every night and he has quite particular tastes!! My boyfriend on the other hand will eat anything I cook for him!!

Thanks in advance guys.