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Thread: PCOS, pre diabetes and me!

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    Cool PCOS, pre diabetes and me!

    Hi everyone!

    Im new here I'm nearly 27, and as many stone Which is a nightmare on my 5 foot 7. I have PCOS and depression, but im determined to lose weight for my health. I miss being able to walk for hours without back ache, and feeling good in myself.

    im currently sitting at pre diabetes which was a kick to me to get me losing - i don't want that for the rest of my life. I had gestational diabetes when i had my miracle baby, who is now 3 and a lunatic I can't wait to chase him more easily haha..

    im starting slim and save in the morning, on the simplicity, which is 100% total food replacement.

    Eeeek! Wish me luck
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    Diet: cambridge Diet.
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    Goal Weight: 12st0lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 33.1
    Current BMI: 23.4
    Goal BMI: 25.5

    Total Weight Loss: 4st8lb
    Weight to Lose: -1st0lb
    % Lost 29.36%

    I have POCS as well, there are parts on the form where there are other 'sufferers'.
    You are about the same hight as me. When I started trying to loose weight two years ago I was 18 stone and a size 22. I'm now under 12stone and a size 12. You can do it

    I found it helpfull to have a good look at my self. What was I eating and why. What did I need to eat. What excuses was I giving my self. I used to tell people I had a size to maintain and that I was happy. It was a lie but it did make them feel better.
    Its hard going, you know that already. But it is worth it! At times when its really though think about what you want more.
    It will take minuets to eat something bad then its gone. and you can't change that. Was it worth it.
    I find If i'm gonna cheat at all its got to be worth it. A good treat now and again does me good. Also I force my self out to walk and things.
    Its pissing down with rain. And I AM going to walk anyway. yeah wish me luck with that one lol

    Good luck on your journey I'm on a VLCD as well, it worked really really well for me.
    There are parts that are really hard. But like I said stick with it. you can do this

    If you look at it as a prison it will be hell, and all you will want to do is break free and eat crap. If you try and remember that you want to do this, maybe even you need to do this. and you can. You are choosing to, it is your choose not to eat bad things. That makes it easier I think.

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    Firelass - print screened your last paragraph to keep me going. X I think that's what we need to remember the whole reason we have decided to better ourselves is because we want to change how we look, how we feel and for the sake of our health. I find that the more weight I put on the more I struggle to do things and this is giving me motivation to try to lose the weight. I always tend to dwell on how big I am and how long it's going to take to actually lose the weight, thinking too much means I lose the motivation and then I usually head to the cupboards. I'm aiming to lose 4/5 stone by the end of September using the Shake that weight shake plan. It's more difficult to diet with depression because in my experience when I am depressed I just feel like my only comfort at that time is food. It becomes harder to see yourself in a positive way. But it's absolutely possible. You can do this and most important of all be kind to yourself !!! xxx

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