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Thread: Morning and hello :-)

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    29th May, 2014
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    Morning and hello :-)

    Hi all i'm a newbie :-)

    Been reading posts on here for a's actually addictive lol! so thought I would join up.

    I have been at slimming world now for 4 weeks. So far i have lost 1 stone 1lb. I have got slimmer of the week 3 weeks in a row and slimmer of the month last night. Slightly embarrassing though and I think I am now hated in class lol!

    I have done weight watchers before and lost loads but ended up missing a few sessions and not daring to go back...hence putting it all back on...and more...and ending up here today!

    Anyway onwards and upwards! I am determined to change my life. My partner and I will be starting to think about babies in a couple of years and for some strange reason I have always worried I won't be able to have them. So being very overweight won't help at all.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. I am just about to go for a swim.....can't believe I am up at this time in the holidays :-)

    Hello again and bye for now haha :-) x

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    4th June, 2014
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    Hi becki

    I am new here too just signed up today and like you said reading others stories is so addictive, I have been battling the bulge for nearly 4 years now after putting on over 3 stones having my daughter.
    I have lost and gained over the years and am fed up of always being the fatty, when people descibe you that's the first thing they say "oh the chubby one"

    Well done on your weight loss never tried SW have been doing atkins for the last 6 weeks and lost 10lbs slow weight loss so had a week off now back on it again, just order 2 weeks worth of Exante and will be staring that next week when it arrives.

    Let me know how your getting on will be good to here your weight loss tips etc

    Speak soon


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