Hey everyone

My name's David and my starting weight is 19st 1.5lb which I was happy with as for a long time I thought I was over 20st.

I lost 3.5lbs in my first week.

Anyway, I can be a little bit militant when it comes to syns: a complete no!

I know you're supposed to have your syns and I do; I asked my consultant about saving and she said yes it's okay to save but start afresh at every new week.

But I simply have no craving for the syn containing foods and id rather not have syns with my free foods because I have no desire for it. I want to save them for when I have an actual craving.

The thing is when I actually have a craving a couple of sugar free werthers originals will do me and they're only half a syn each.

After my first weigh in and after I found out id lose all the syns id saved a decided to have some chocolate but I just wasn't really enjoying it, yes don't get me wrong it's not like I didn't finish what I was eating but there was no real satisfaction there. Later that day I decided to have KFC but only ate the burger and chips which I would guess to be around 50syns.

Basically what I'm saying is should I be forcing myself to have my syns on a more regular basis even when I have no real craving for it (atm)? I'd rather save my syns and go out for a meal at a restaurant (order as if you weren't at SW)

Thanks everyone