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Thread: Newbie! Starting CWP Saturday!!!

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    Diet: Cambridge Weight Plan Sole Source
    Height: 5ft9in
    Start Date: 11.3.2013
    Start Weight: 18st2.0lb
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    Newbie! Starting CWP Saturday!!!

    Hello all,

    My names Carlie I'm 26,have 2 young children & desperate 2 lose around 6-7st! Not sure how much I weigh as never weigh myself but I'm guessing around 16st I'm a size 20-22 & would love 2 get bk 2 a 12-14! I'm new 2 this so would love 2 chat 2 people & help each other through our weight loss journeys!

    I'm meeting my consultant Saturday & starting on the Cambridge Weight Plan,any one done this or doing this?? Heard such good things about it & seen some amazing weight loss 2!

    Hope to hear bk from any 1 soon xx

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    Hi there

    I had a go at Cambridge just over a year ago. I only stayed on it for around 3 months but I think that was down to my lack of commitment if I'm being honest!

    When I started on Cambridge I was really positive and bought the whole variety of shakes, soups, porridges etc. Unfortunately I found that I really didn't like the taste of most and I ended up just on the chocolate or strawberry shakes. It didn't help that I was trying to prepare them at work when I couldn't liven them up at all. For example I found the shakes to be really delicious when blended with ice.

    I can't remember much about my weight loss when on Cambridge but I do remember losing 9.5 pounds in the first week & another 7 pounds in both weeks 2 & 3. Also by 10 days in I felt amazing.

    Sorry for the essay, good luck to you x

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