Hello all,

Lets see what I can say about me. I have two children a boy who is 7 and is autistic and I've recently become a mum to a lovely little girl who is now 3 months. Different dads, long story blah, blah, blah. I was never thin with my first child and got to 20stones in his pregnancy, well my daughter ended me at 27 stones on the dot. I am honestly not happy with this and although my partner and I would like another child (his second, he keeps moaning at how its not fair that I have 2) I think loosing weight will help in so many more ways right now. So a couple of weeks ago I joined my local Rosemary Conley although she's getting a new name this week, my day is Friday and have already lost 8lbs since joining. So I thought I'd use this forum as a motivator.