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Thread: Slimming World & MiniMins newbie with M.H Issues

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    Post Slimming World & MiniMins newbie with M.H Issues

    Hey everyone

    So yeah, hi. My name's Kay and I'm from Glasgow. I'm 27 and my weight has always been a huge issue for me. I've noticed that every year i've just been getting bigger and bigger while my confidence and self-worth has been getting smaller and smaller. I'm very lucky however as I have my partner who I've been with for nearly 8 years, but recently my self destructive attitude has started to make our relationship a bit complicated. I also suffer from clinical depression, anxiety and mild agoraphobia which as you can imagine hasn't made life with me an easy ride.

    In January I had reached my lowest point and decided I had had enough and attempted to take my own life. Since then I have been getting the help I need through medication, counselling and most recently, I took the big step and joined Slimming World. Stepping on the scales was probably in the top 5 "worst things ever" list for me, but I'm hoping all will get better from here.
    I have a goal in mind - I want to be healthy mentally and physically by the time I reach 30 I want to be able to settle down, start a family, and just to be able to look in the mirror without wanting to cry. 3 years to sort my life out - I can do that, right?

    Sorry for the novel, but I just wanted to be honest and upfront about it so if there's anyone out there who is going through the same, or has, then you're not alone! Also, it would be great if I got talking to some people for extra support and motivation. I'm not used to using forums, but it would definitely be amazing if I was able to make some friends through this!

    Apologies again for the long post and good luck to everyone!
    Kay x
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    Hi Kay

    Very well done for taking a really brave step and joining a group. It's really not easy when your confidence is at a low ebb and with the added gremlins of anxiety and depression.

    It will get better from here lovely, the plan does work and you can eat plenty whist doing it and once you start to succeed your confidence will grow surprisingly quickly - well I found that to be the case

    So sorry you have had such a tough time, but you are taking amazingly positive steps towards where you want to be - happy, healthy and confident and you deserve that - all of us do. You'll get lots of support on here - they are a very lovely lot and believe me I never thought I could stick to a diet but 4 months on and I am still here. This is going to change your life for the better. The main thing is to keep going, we all have a little bit of a bumpy path with Slimming from time to time, just moving forward one day at a time is key

    I wish you all the very best with your journey, really hope that you can soon increase in confidence as you begin to lose. I will look out for your progress, shout if you ever want a chat.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Marie xxx

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    Hi i have just joined too...i gained 3stone over the last 2 years mainly due to stress so understand a little of what you are going through...congrats on taking the first big step

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