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Thread: Allow me to cautiously reintroduce myself

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    Allow me to cautiously reintroduce myself

    I am in need of a change, which i am finding quite scary

    I havent dieted since 2011 & am about 6st overweight.

    I am feeling very overwhelmed and am not sure where to start, as i have some very unhealthy habits i need to shift.

    I find it hard to stay motivated unless i am part of a slimming group but i would like to go solo as i find slimming groups depressing.

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    If you have found slimming groups in the past depressing then i suggest that you try other groups.. they should never be that they should be a way to network and learn from folks going through (or who have gone through and succeeded) the same thing you are.

    Phone around a few local group leaders and ask if you can attend for the evening to work out if its the group for you. We have members that travel 30 miles to attend our group! :O

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    Slimming groups are extremely depressing! The irony of posting this here doesn't escape me, but I understand what you mean.

    I have always much preferred to do these things privately, but then I am a private person. Each to their own. (This seems like a good middle road, to me.)

    What sort of motivation do you need?

    Theres no need to feel overwhelmed, the first step is deciding to make a change and you've already done that From here on, it's just a matter of day by day shifting of habit. It takes two weeks to make a habit. So once you're past that barrier, it gets a little easier.

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