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Thread: New to the forums. Hello!

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    New to the forums. Hello!


    I joined Slimming World 4 weeks ago, and was chuffed when I found out I'd lost 7lbs in the first week, therefore achieving my half a stone award! Wasn't too pleased the next week as only lost 1.5lbs but that's better than nothing.

    A little bit about myself I guess. I'm 21 years old with a 11 week old son. I was 14 stone before having him and then the day I was induced I was 18 stone 6lbs. Wow.

    So far I've managed to get back down to 15 stone 13lbs. Slimming world helped me get from 16 stone 7.5lb in 2 weeks, where as before that I was just stuck and it felt like forever to budge it.

    Fingers crossed I can keep up the good work and be a skinny minny next year when me and my other half get married!

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    Hello all. This is my first time using a forum of any kind so hope this works lol.

    I am just starting week 5 of slimming world and I love it.

    I did Atkins before and found it very good to begin with but hard to maintain as too restrictive.

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    Goal Date: It's done when it's done!

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 35.4
    Current BMI: 33.3
    Goal BMI: 28.8

    Total Weight Loss: 0st12lb
    Weight to Lose: 1st12lb
    % Lost 5.83%
    Hi, I started on slimming world 5 weeks ago and have been 100% dedicated but have only lost 3lbs. I have decided that it's time to call it a day with SW and go to the VLCD that I know works for me.
    I went from 20.2 to 11.8 with Lighterlife 2 years ago and am trying to maintain my weight. I have crept up to 14.10 and desperately hoped that SW would work for me but it's not meant to be.
    I was doing some research into VLCD's this morning and stumbled across Shake that weight. It's a lot cheaper than LL but I'm not finding any great success stories. I'm hoping that I can find them on here and find someone to buddy me through my weight loss journey.

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