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Thread: Newbie! Trying the thirder diet!

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    Newbie! Trying the thirder diet!

    Hi all,
    So I'm hoping this will give me the incentive I need to stick to a diet! Not got much to lose really, only about 9 or 10lb which doesn't sound like a great deal but I carry ALL of it on my stomach and have relatively thin legs and arms and a flat backside I am a funny shape and feel out of proportion. I eat reasonably healthy anyway most of the time it's just the last stubborn bit.
    I'm trying the thirder diet this time (eating for 8 hours a day, fasting for 16). In addition to this I'm also giving up tea as I like it sweet and milky. So today I've basically skipped breakfast, had a salad for lunch (Asda's Lighter Options new potato and egg, 164 kcals) at 1pm, have snacked this afternoon and I'm now forcing myself to wait another 45 minutes before I have homemade chicken casserole for dinner.
    Has anyone had success with this diet? Do you count calories? Could I have the same amount of calories in the 8 hour period, i.e. have what would have been my breakfast (2 pieces of dry wholemeal toast) with lunch or mid afternoon or is the point to cut calories by missing a meal? I had a white tea (as in Clipper White Tea not tea with milk ) this morning but presuming this is ok since it's calorie free?
    Any advice would be appreciated

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    I eat between 11am and 6pm.
    My first meal of the day is lunch then I sometimes have a snack about 2.30pm then dinner at 5.30/6pm.I drink green tea and I do also have normal tea with milk.You will learn along the way what suits you.

    What is the thirder diet is it called that because 8 hours is a third of the day?

    Yes you could have all your calories during that time slot.

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