Hey everyone its been a long time and I'm back after a long break. I'm a 32 year old guy. I had some success with ex ante before for about 3 months, then came off for 'the weekend' and could never get back on it tried to restart maybe 3 to mes last time a year or two ago.

Haven't cared much for dieting past year or so but enjoyed partying (mostly going out and having random nights with alcohol)

Recently I've decided I want to start doing more clubs and music festivals (never been to a music festival) but I want to do so feeling good about my body and with a decent chance of chatting to someone I like.

The other day my sister bought a month of ex ante and started it and decided it wasn't for her and kindly sent them to me in case I wanted to use them.

So I've fairly randomly started and I'm planning on doing total solution until Christmas week.

I weigh a bit under 20 stone today. My plan is to lose 6 stone in 3 months and 3 weeks which is a fair bit but aim for the stars and reach the clouds I say.

Day 1 is almost complete
So far I've had 1shake, 1bar, and some flavoured water going to have last shake with TV shortly. I also have some zero coke and Dr pepper.

I'm really looking forward to travelling a bit and partying when I can do so at the slimest I've been in my life.

No alcohol for 3 months is going to be HARD but it'll be worth it come late December.

I'm going to update my stats now and start a diary, thanks for checking by!

Have a gr8 week