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Thread: New Members Guided Tour Of MiniMins!!!

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    New Members Guided Tour Of MiniMins!!!

    Guided Tour Of MiniMins!!!

    This is how I get around

    Click on at the top left of the page and it will always bring you to the front page with all the names of the forums for you to explore.

    Or use Forum Jump which is now called 'Most Popular Diets' on the top left of the blue tool bar on top of the page. Click on it and a box will drop down with all the names of the forum and you can click into anyone of them and your there.

    When you click on a forum name for instance like "Cambridge Diet Forum" it opens up and you will see all the threads that are in that particular forum plus it's sub forums. Once in a forum if you look at the top of the page you should see to says... + Post New Thread in Cambridge Diet Forum
    and the other
    Find New Posts in: Cambridge Diet the new thread button to start your new thread. If you are reading a thread say for example the July Challenge thread and you wanted to join in you will find a button on the top of the thread called reply to thread
    + Reply to Thread...if you click on this you can post on this thread.

    ***Look up on the Blue Tool Bar at the top of the page and you will see 'New Posts' Click on this and all the latest new posts as they happen are here***

    Also some members might be use to looking at the more familiar Summary Page, which you can have by clicking on Summary on the *Blue Tool Bar at the top of the page.*

    Or click on this link....

    Please note: User Control Panel is now called 'Settings' which you will find at the top of the page on the Blue Bar on the right hand side.

    On the blue tool bar you will find Settings which is handy for getting into your profile to edit your signature, add an avatar or change your profile. You will also find all the threads that you have posted on once there is a new reply.

    'Settings' is also where you go to add your weight tracker into your signature.

    Tutorials... this will show you step by step how to put up your signature and how to use other functions of this site.

    Newbie and Posting Privileges!

    When you are a newbie

    You are in a group which has no avatar, limited signature space, no Private messaging other members and you cannot upload images to the gallery.

    Members can post weight loss ticker link into your signature on joining.

    Here is a link with step by step instructions to show you how to do it...

    (How to setup a weight loss ticker on (How to setup a weight loss ticker on

    You need the bb code here for ticker and graphics to work.

    When you reach 20 posts you get avatar privileges and a larger signature space and.

    When you reach 50 posts, you get even more signature space, and private messaging is enabled.

    You need 50 posts to access the main photo Gallery and upload photos to it.

    You need at least 50 posts for your profile page.

    You also need 50 posts to post links. You may not post links to personal business sites or personal websites with advertising or websites that are in competition with MiniMins.

    Absolutely no canvasing for members for Facebook Groups or any other Social Network Groups on the Internet.

    Threads/posts of this nature will automatically be deleted!

    I hope you understand the privileges that you will receive for being a long term poster.

    Please read the link below as it will help you make your way around... (New Members Guided Tour Of MiniMins!!!) (New Members Guided Tour Of MiniMins!!!)

    Links Policy either in posts or signature:

    MiniMins Admin, Moderators and Members work tirelessly to keep forums clutter free from Spam.

    We ask New Members to respect the following rules...

    MiniMins has a zero tolerance to spam and to keep our forums free from advertising, no trading, swapping, selling or soliciting is allowed all spammers are automatically banned.

    Absolutely no canvasing for members for Facebook Groups or any other groups on the Internet this is considered spam.

    Threads of this nature will automatically be deleted. Social Network links in posts are not allowed.

    We provide Social Network Icon Buttons for your personal use and if members wish to follow you they can click on your Social Network Icon Button.

    Social Network Icon Buttons can be found in Settings on the Blue Bar at the top of the page under Edit Profile.

    Allowed: Ticker sites, personal photo website i.e photo bucket etc., Personal Social Network pages...Please use the Social Networking Link buttons provided which you will find in Settings under Edit Profile on the Blue Bar at the top right of the page and if members are interested and wish to click on them they will...posts or threads soliciting members to follow or join Social Networks will be removed without notice as this is considered Network Spam.

    Links to personal blogs without advertisements off site are allowed once you have done 50 posts.
    You can then add your blog link to your signature.

    Also Not Allowed: Posts with personal blog link soliciting members to visit their blog will be removed and repeat offenders will be banned as this is consider spam!

    *Members with off site blog links in signature or in posts who do not have 50 posts will have their links removed and banned! Permitted personal blog links from off site are never allowed in posts only ever in signature!

    Posts with personal blog link soliciting members to visit their blog off site will be removed and repeat offenders will be banned as this is consider spam!

    • You can add a weight ticker to your signature as a new member.

    • You can add your MiniMins diary/blog into your signature as a new member immediately.

    Banned: Commercial website, auctions/eshop, forums, referral or affiliate links, third party weight loss resources and everything else not mentioned in the allowed...unless approved by the forum admin.

    Charity Links are allowed in Signature...

    If you personally are fund raising i.e taking part in a charity event to raise money for your chosen charity by running, walking, cycling, mountain climbing etc then you are welcome to post a link in your signature to promote your personal challenge. You are welcome to add a small blurb to say what your challenge is for...

    *Links to your charity which appear in posts will be removed!

    *Threads and posts asking for sponsorship will be removed.

    Please do not post 3rd party links to websites soliciting our members to click, register or sign up to emails, letters, websites either through the public forum, via PM or email.

    We urge our members to practice safe Internet browsing by not divulging personal information over the Internet. Please stay safe!

    If you are not sure about a link please ask via pm or use the contact button at the bottom of the page.

    Please note MiniMins is not responsible for the content of 3rd party links to other sites.

    The Administration of MiniMins reserves the right to remove all links without prior notification or discussion.

    Some of the new features of the updates...

    Picture Galleries
    Members can now create profile albums and upload pictures to their account. The new features will resize your photos automatically. The ability to view these albums and photos can be limited by the user to just board staff and people on their buddy list if they want privacy.

    You will find the controls in your user profile.

    How to upload to your profile.

    This new album makes the whole process of adding pictures very easy.

    Once you have the photos on your computer you click upload in your album and then browse and find the photos you wish to add to your new album.

    There is also the public Gallery where you can upload photos to your own album and are viewable by all members.

    You can copy and paste from any of your albums onto your own thread photos of your weight loss. However those from your profile albums are only viewable to members with 50 posts.

    Many of the main diet forums have sub forums for diaries.

    Members only diaries are viewable only by members, they can not be googled.

    Members Only diaries requires 50 posts...Silver members diaries requires 500...Gold members diaries require 1,500 posts to gain access.

    Private forums are only viewable by members and are not googled.

    You can access Blogs either on the Blue Bar at the top of the page or in your own profile.

    The number of entries you make to your own Blog Will show under your Avatar.

    You can make your blog private or public.

    Your can invite your friends to view it if you have it private.

    If public all members and non members can view it and it can be googled.

    Reciprocal Friendships Between Users

    As part of our new social networking system, members can now request that people on their buddy list confirm their friendship, after which time a person's list of confirmed friends will be viewable to other users.

    User-Created Social Groups

    The new updates includes a facility to allow members to create their own social/interest groups.

    These groups are further enhanced by having their own public messaging system and the ability to add photos to the group's from user albums.

    For the more creative members can now customize their profile.

    UserCP->Customize profile.

    You can change all the colouring and styling to heart's content of your own profile!

    In line Editing of Profile Field Values

    The 'About Me' tab of each member's profile page has edit controls, allowing members to quickly change values without leaving their profile page.

    Video Tutorials - - Weight Loss Support Forum

    FAQ is also on the tool bar and ourShout Box where you can talk one on one with another member... you need 50posts!

    Arcade where we have a good selection of games for you to play and if your good enough you can become champion!You will find a quick link on the Blue Bar at the top of the page.

    On the Quick Links, you get all sorts of goodies, like Today's posts, Subscribed Threads, Open Contacts Popup, View Forum Leaders.


    This is a list of users you wish to identify as your Friends and Contacts. To add a user to your Friends and Contacts, go to My Settings and under Networking click on Friends and Contacts, type the user name you wish to add in the box and click Add Contact/Add Friend.

    To remove a user from either the Friends and Contacts, un-tick the box next to their name and click the 'Save' button.

    To add a user to either list, enter their name in the empty boxes for that list and click 'Save List'.

    Alternately, you can click on their user name in any post and, from the drop-down menu, click the [Add user name to Your Friends and Contacts] link.

    Contacts and Friends will appear in the Users on line list with a + sign following their user name.

    Subscribe to a thread/email notification:

    What is email notification? If you post a new thread, or reply to an existing thread, you can choose to be notified by email when someone else replies to that thread. You can also choose to receive email notifications of new posts in a thread without posting in that thread, by clicking the 'Unsubscribe to this thread' link displayed in the thread page.

    If you choose to stop receiving email notifications from a thread, you can turn off the option by either editing your post, or by unsubscribing from the thread here.

    Only registered users may receive email notification, and they can set whether they want to receive email notification by default by editing their options.
    Email notification is also referred to as 'Thread Subscription'.

    Finding your own posts and threads:

    Go to Members List and click on the Button near to your name or the that says "FIND" on it and you will see the history of posts on threads....

    For instant inspiration click on the Inspirational Slide Show on the Blue Tool Bar!Off line just now...

    If you need help on using this site please post in Technical Forum Support Forum Technical Support

    Forum leaders are all on different stages of their own personal weight loss journey and they will be glad to help you out where possible.

    Editing your posts:

    You can use word spell to check your spelling it is on the right top corner of the post box ABC click on this and you can download it for your own personal use. However this option is only available on Internet Explorer.

    You can edit your own posts!

    You may edit and change the title of your thread yourself by going into the forum where your thread is and clicking anywhere right of the title name and a box will appear like magic...then you can edit your title.

    Or go to the first post of your thread and click edit and then click go can now change the title. Check out the tutorials on the links below...

    Tutorials and video tutorials

    Any problems please contact your forum Moderator or Admin by private message or by using the report button which you will find on the left side of all posts.

    What is Rep Power

    Reputation Points

    Reputation are the green boxes that come up beside your name. The more green boxes the more reputation points that user has received.

    How do you get Reputation Power?

    you get one point for every 100 post you do. Also others can give you reputation points. When you have 100 points that then is equal to 1 reputation power. So the more points the more power.

    What you can do with them?

    If you like what a member has posted you can give them reputation and this then will help their reputation grow.

    Some members now have rep power of 1 and others have rep power all the way up to 226 or more! Which means they can give 226 reputation points.

    Also, grey/black box is neutral is shown by people who give reputation comments that elect not to show reputation, and/or have 0 reputation power.

    We do not have negative rep enabled on MiniMins, you can only give positive rep

    You can give people reputation points by clicking rep button on left side of all posts.

    it is at the bottom left hand corner under Avatar.

    You can see the comments left for you if you go into Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page... but not the names of the members who have left them for you unless they say!

    How to use all the commands:
    This will switch you between WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) to command based formatting

    The "Fonts" area allows you to choose different fonts for your text

    The "sizes" area allows you to change font size

    allows you to change the font colour

    This allows you to add smilies other than the ones in the box to the right of the text area

    If the attachments option was enabled, this is how you would upload attachments

    This is UNDO - it will reverse your last action.

    This is REDO it will undo your undo!

    The B, U and I stand for Bold, Underline and Italics - all apply to the text you type

    This is to make all of your text "Left Justified" which means it will all line up on the left side of the screen

    This will centre your text

    This will line all of your text to the right side of the screen

    This will allow you to make a numbered list. Select all text for the list and click this button

    This will allow you to make a bulleted list - see above for instructions

    This will "out dent" your text - select text and click this button

    This will INDENT a selected block of text

    This allows you to put a link and instead of it showing up as, you can add text like "Click Here" and the link will be attached to the text. MiniMins blogs

    This allows you to remove an underlying link from specific text

    This allows you to add an click able email address

    Click this button to add a picture to your post

    Add your text in a quote box

    The last 3 buttons are so you can add code, HTML or PHP - none of which are allowed on here

    This post entitled New Members Guided Tour of MiniMins has evoled ad hoc over time...

    If you have found any errors or feel something could be changed or added to make it more simply and helpful to all of our members please let me know.

    Much appreciated!

    Love Mini xxx
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    Love Mini xxx

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    Hello! I'm a newbie looking for inspiration and help on my journey. Looking forward to making new friends and picking up sound advice and encouragement along the way.

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    hey just found this thread, its helped alot, cheers!

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    I too just found this thread - it's really helpful - thank you for that!

    It's all becoming clear now!
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    BMI Information:
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    Total Weight Loss: 0st6lb
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    excellent forum, thank you

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    Thanks for the info

    So useful Mini, so much to learn, so little time...........
    You make it sound so easy!

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    As a newbie most like to post in one or two forums and explore the rest of the site slowly as time goes on.

    If you need any help please ask.

    Love Mini xxx
    Love Mini xxx

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    Thanks for this! Great help to be able to find my way around.


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    thank you so much i was confused at first!!!

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    thanks..that helped

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    BMI Information:
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    Ok so now it is starting to make sense

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    How did I miss this?

    Great help. Thank you.

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    Goal Weight: 11st0lb
    Goal Date: 154

    Total Weight Loss: 0st8lb
    Weight to Lose: 2st3lb
    % Lost 4.15%

    Talking new to the forum and slimming world

    Hi, I'm new today! Joined sw last week and desparately want to stay on track. I need to make sure I get lots of good ideas to keep the day's varied, as I have got bored and given up in the past!! All tips welcome :-)

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    Start Weight: 15st7lb
    Current Weight: 14st7lb
    Goal Weight: 10st0lb
    Goal Date: may 2009

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 31.1
    Current BMI: 29.1
    Goal BMI: 20.1

    Total Weight Loss: 1st0lb
    Weight to Lose: 4st7lb
    % Lost 6.45%
    very useful thanks

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    Goal Weight: 12st0lb
    Goal Date: 7th December 2011

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 39.4
    Current BMI: 36
    Goal BMI: 24.8

    Total Weight Loss: 1st9lb
    Weight to Lose: 5st6lb
    % Lost 8.61%
    Thanks for the lowdown!

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