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Thread: Newbie JUDDD Diary

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    Newbie JUDDD Diary

    So I have decided to try JUDDD to lose weight and have decided to keep a diary. Iím currently on my second DD (Thursday) my first was Tuesday. I had no problem sticking to the low calories. I skipped breakfast, had a weightwatchers soup for lunch, then had a weight watchers meal with some extra veggies for dinner. I even saved enough calories for a low calorie hot chocolate drink before bed lol.

    Hoping for the same today. Donít feel overly hungry yet although itís only 9.10am here. I like sticking to the weightwatcher meals as they are all set calories and I just donít like to think about food too much on a DD. Maybe when I am more in the swing of things I can spend more time creating more interesting low calorie meals, but for now the soups and ready meals suit me well.

    Looking forward to meeting other JUDDDíers on here and sharing tips and motivating each other.

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    Hello Blueboxgeek Welcome to the fourm. I'm sure some of the other JUDDD'ers will be along soon to say hello soon. Its a bit quiet here at the moment but i'm sure it'll pick up after the New Year.

    Good luck and keep us updated.
    Sarah x

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    Hi, how are you doing?

    i did the same as you last year and had a WW meal plus veggies on a DD, sometimes with a WW biscuit as a treat. I found it worked really well. I have stopped now as I want to try a low carb diet for a change as well as JUDDDing.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on.

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