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Thread: Challenge thread: All I want for Christmas....

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    12th January, 2010
    Rep Power
    Diet: Exante
    Height: 5ft4in
    Start Date: 05/05/2015
    Start Weight: 17st4.0lb
    Current Weight: 16st3lb
    Goal Weight: 10st0lb
    Goal Date: Asap!

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 41.5
    Current BMI: 39
    Goal BMI: 24

    Total Weight Loss: 1st1lb
    Weight to Lose: 6st3lb
    % Lost 6.2%
    SunnyRae 6lbs (0lbs lost, 6lbs to go)
    mini mouse 21lb (3lb lost, 18lb to go)
    Phoenyx 43lbs (6lbs lost, 37 to go)
    Fizzyfluff 14lbs (0lbs lost, 14 to go)
    time2go (10lbs lost, 35to go)
    LadyGeorgie 33lbs (3lbs lost, 30 to go)
    bajoleth 39lbs (13lbs lost 23 to go)
    Trefoil 36lbs (5.5lb lost 30.5 to go)
    Lily 55lbs (5lbs lost 50 to go)
    Louiseb78 50lbs (7lb lost 43 to go)
    Loopeylou 35lbs (1.5lb lost 33.5 to go)
    Hannata: (started 280) get to 243.3lbs (currently 251.9, 8.6 to go)
    Greeneyes 46lb (12.4lb lost, 33.6lb to go)
    Yoga84 22lb (9lost 13 to go)
    Halfangelhalftart 20lb (7lb lost, 13 to go)
    lizzieF 28lb (5 lost 23 to go)
    Furrykins 20lbs (6.6 lost, 26.4 to go)
    P 28lbs (7 lost, 21 to go)
    Juju_doll 24lbs (19 lost, 5 to go)
    supergran 28lbs (5 lost,23 to go)
    Twinklyjojo 29lb, (6lb lost 23lb to go)
    Jade2012 50lbs (8.5lb lost, 41.5 to go)
    Louise44 (1lb lost, 2st3lb to go)
    ilikepencils - 27lbs (19 lost, 8 to go)
    2012willdoit: 30lbs (22.5lbs lost, 7.5lbs to go: dress size 14/16)
    pavschick: 45 lbs (18 lost 45 to go)
    Jacci48: 50lbs (19lbs lost, 31lbs to go)
    Hellym1971 (4.25lb lost, 41.25 to go)
    DeeCe: 16lbs (5lbs lost, 16 to go)
    Clareel: 10lb (2.4lb lost, 7.6lb to go)
    MissHapp: 14lb (0lb lost, 14lb to go)
    Tessieg1: 14lb (8lb lost, 6lb to go)
    Kittywhite 14lb (8.0 lost, 6.0 to go)
    FaithFluro 7.5lb (0lb lost, 7.5lb to go)
    Julie2011 8lb (7 lb lost, 1 lb to go) Unless there is a miracle, I don't think I'll be at target tomorrow. Aiming to lose the last 1lb and Christmas blip in weight by New Year.
    Sparkle1978 6lb (0lb lost, 6lb to go)

    Lost another 1 lb!!!

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    2015 forever

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    23rd March, 2012
    Rep Power
    Diet: JUDDD
    Height: 5ft5in
    Start Date: 9th July 2012
    Start Weight: 16st0lb
    Current Weight: 14st7lb
    Goal Weight: 12st0lb
    Goal Date: As it comes

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 37.3
    Current BMI: 33.8
    Goal BMI: 28

    Total Weight Loss: 1st7lb
    Weight to Lose: 2st7lb
    % Lost 9.38%
    I'll weigh in tomorrow to see what damage I did. I mean to do it this morning, but breakfast in bed arrived.

    but I am going shopping in a bit - I'll check clothes sizes. I'm feeling a little bit hopeful as all my trousers are hanging off me and I seem to have grown a saggy bottom or should that be ??
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    I can haz cake?

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    19th January, 2011
    Ballymena, N.Ireland
    Rep Power
    Diet: ADF
    Height: 5ft10in
    Start Date: 23/07/2012
    Start Weight: 280lb
    Current Weight: 249.0lb
    Goal Weight: 208.5lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 40.2
    Current BMI: 35.7
    Goal BMI: 29.9

    Total Weight Loss: 31lb
    Weight to Lose: 40.5lb
    % Lost 11.07%
    I havent exactly got my target BUT if I could measure how much fat I have lost I know I wouldve got it. Have gained a lot of muscle lately as i'm doing a heavy weightlifting programme at the gym =)

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