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Thread: Maintaining after 5:2 diet

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    Diet: SW
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    Goal Weight: 9st4lb
    Goal Date: 2 Jan 2011

    Total Weight Loss: 2st11lb
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    Maintaining after 5:2 diet

    Hi After doing the 5:2 diet since August I am now at my target weight. But I don't want the weight to creep back on. I just wanted advice on how to maintain my weight loss. Do people just fast 1 day in 6 or 3 days in 14 for example? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Diet: 5:2
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    Goal BMI: 20.9

    Total Weight Loss: 6st10lb
    Weight to Lose: 0st8.5lb
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    I've only been maintaining for 5/6 weeks and usually 6:1 but if I have an extremely naughty blow out i add that 2nd fast still. It's working so far welldone on reaching your goal! Xxx
    Carrie xx

    ultimate goal to eventually hit target and stay there!

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    wow you lost a lot of weight in just a year n half.........did you do this using the 5:2 or JUDD? I need to lose about 2 stone and find that a total fast 1 day a week does help with losing a lb a week but would like to lose bout 2-3 a week if possible...can you give me some advice?

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