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Thread: How does the food choices work and what is your favourite?

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    Lightbulb How does the food choices work and what is your favourite?


    I keep going round in circles on the official web site and cant find the answer i was looking for.

    What are the 'foods' you can choose from if you are on the total plan?

    Is there anything you really love of the items?

    Do i get a choice on what i buy?

    Ive not done this type of diet before but, when i previously lost weight it was when i got a 'box' with all my meals in it and i jsut choose one so thought this may be the method for me.

    I do have a consultation booked but i also like to have info before i go.

    Many thanks

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    Hi Pitipe,

    You get a choice of shakes, porridge, savoury meals and bars

    I am only half way through week one so by no means an expert but so farmy favourite has been the carbonara because it has real pasta in-yum!

    You do get to choose woth your consultant which flavours you are going to have

    hope this helps

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