So been doing LL since January I fee a lot better in myself for doing but this far in it is now hard to find the motivation. Being 18 years old, doing exams, thinking about my future and (sadly) single weight is the only thing that I really want to conquer..........However I didn't realise how hard it would be after going on holiday then returning back to LL. I just want food all the time. Even a sachet of microwave rice would do it for me right now. .so long story short went on holiday in February for my birthday put on a stone. I was so shocked it could go back on so quickly. Since I come back all I got on the mind is food I have no motivation to get back on it, I know I should because let's face it by July I want to be 4 stone lighter than I am now.........( kinda getting the feeling that ain't happening) but I want to do as best as I can. I know there must be so many other people in this situation so I though make this thread (if you've read this far stick with me please&#128522 so we can talk motivate each other and have a good old chinwag. if you got a story to tell, tell it were all here listening.

Till then fat fighters xx