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Thread: Excited to be coming back!

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    Excited to be coming back!

    Well i've taken the plunge and phoned my counciller and i start a refreshers group on Wed! I left LL 6 weeks ago after doing abstinance for 11 weeks. I had a holiday and my marriage had ended at the start of abstinance and i just wanted to go out and have some fun (lots of alcohol!) I told myself thAat if i hadn't managed to loose anymore weight by the time i was back from hols i would go back to LL. So here i am 10lbs heavier and needing to loose 38lbs in total! woops!

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    Guess who's back...?

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    Hi TA,

    Welcome back! I too have just started again as a refresher. I lost 5 stone between Sep 08 and Jan 09, but came off the programme while still in Developers (about 1.5 stone from goal) because I couldn't control my lapsing.

    Anyway - I am back again and determined to shift the last two and a bit stone (put on a few pounds since Feb) once and for all.

    Really struggling so far, not managed to make it through a whole day yet - just haven't got my head in the right place. Good to know that there are other 'new' (well, you know) people on here too, so we can all support each other. There really is some truth in the saying 'it's harder the second time round' but we CAN do this!!

    Keep in touch -

    A xx

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