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Thread: Time to jump on the wagon (newbie)

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    10th May, 2011
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    Time to jump on the wagon (newbie)

    Well the time has come to get my bum back In gear .... first day today and I have 5st to loose. ..... I'm hoping these next few months go very quickly ! but one day at a time As

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    Good luck! Looks like there's a few of us starting out! In it together hey?!

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    10th January, 2014
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    Just started my 1st day on lipotrim yesterday. Feeling great this morning but just know it's going to get hard very soon. Headaches, rotten breath, tired and moody. Determined to succeed this time. Lost 3 stone before on this diet in 3 months just didn't refeed right. I think refeeding is the most challenging part of it all. Emz

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