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Thread: Back for Round 2 - My story...

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    Back for Round 2 - My story...

    Hey guys.

    I'm Tom, I started Lipotrim back in June 2013 and in 13/14 weeks I lost around 70lbs.

    My weight went from 16st 7lbs down to 11st 7lbs. Here is a picture of me and my beautiful girlfriend to show you the difference.

    However, my goal weight was 10st 7lbs as for my age (25) and height (5ft 8), this would have been the ideal weight for me. But I decided to come off the diet early to see how I got on. The first few months I did ok, I started doing the 'Insanity' workout, for those who haven't heard of it check it out on Youtube, it's pretty intense stuff!

    I managed to lose quite a lot of extra body fat that I had, but I put on 6lbs in about 3 months of coming off Lipo. I assume some of that would have been muscle though due to the Insanity workouts I was doing, as expected. Then around the Xmas/New Year period I thought to hell with it I'm going to have fun, and I ended up putting on a further 6/7 lbs (not muscle haha)! Which is fine, because it was my intention to come back on this diet after NY was out of the way anyways.

    Sooooooo now I'm back for Round 2, in an attempt to get to where I originally wanted to be! Right now I am on Day 5. The first couple of days I found it easy, it was like I had never come off the diet. I slipped back into my routine almost right away. Now after a few days I'm finding it a bit harder, I miss food a lot more this time round! I haven't cheated or anything, I think I just need a bit of motivation to keep me going. Maybe on weigh in day I will get that motivation? I dunno. I find myself a lot more agitated this time round, more snappy. Like if someone eats food near me it bothers me more this time. The first time round I was completely fine with it. I think also it has something to do with the fact that when I came off Lipotrim I learned how to cook, so I could make sure I was eating healthy meals every day. So not being able to do that now is annoying. In general I feel pretty crappy about myself right now, my family think I'm mad and never should have come back on the diet.

    I'm basically just rambling nonsense now, but when I first started on Lipo I liked coming on this forum and reading other peoples posts about it, definitely got me through the whole process. So yeah, I thought I would share this with you all. Any tips to keep me interested for this second time round would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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    I did lt for 19 weeks and lost 5 stone I finished in September and so far have stayed the same weight within a couple of pounds either side, I go gym a lot to maintain it, it's so hard, I tried to go back on it after Christmas as having a tummy tuck on 31st of jan and wanted to lose another half stone but I couldn't even make it through day one it was soooo hard! Good luck to u, u have done fab and look fab, x

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    Hey Tom!
    Welcome back. Good to have another 2nd timer here! I think lots of us understand what it's like to be back after losing once and putting weight back on. So, good luck and I hope your first few weeks fly by!

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    Hi Tom,
    wow, your pictures are amazing, thanks a million for the above post.
    Your results are phenomenal!!!
    do you mind me asking you how you managed to come off and not regain???
    again, congrats on all your hard work!!!

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