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Thread: How to know when you're in ketosis?

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    How to know when you're in ketosis?

    I've just completed day 4 now and im not sure if im in ketosis yet, how would i know? Thanks

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    You won't really unless you get some testing strips. Some say you can tell because your wee will start to smell of pear drops... Mine never did that. There's also a noticeable change in your breath.... I've had to get some breath strips, without them my wife wouldn't come near me! Lol

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    usually the bad breath. later on you might feel faint if you get up too quick .also pooh issues, feeling cold, the list goes on

    h x
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    done and love this one

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    Ive ordered some test strips from Boots. 3 for 50.

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    I might have to get test strips too
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    Starting Exante (21/04/2015???)
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    10st 1lb
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    9st 9lb
    9st 7lbs (4 Stone Loss)
    9st 5lbs
    9st 4lbs (Goal!!!!)

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