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Thread: Lipotrim Newbie - any advice

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    Lipotrim Newbie - any advice

    Hi All
    I picked up my lipotrim today and have started this evening
    Ive heard a lot about side effects - and am mainly concerned about the hair loss - has anyone actually lost so much that its been noticeable to others?
    Also any advice to get through the next few days as I hear that's the hardest.
    How do you post weight etc on the side of your posts please

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    Hi first jet
    Welcome , I personally never had the big hair loss but it did thin out a little , nothing that people noticed .. Drink plenty of water and try distract yourself from food . The first week is the hardest , the first time I did this was the nov 11 and I lost 4.5 stone kept it off until this winter then gained 1.5 stone , front want to go back there ever again so I'm back to lose the rest , I'll be getting my 5th weigh in on Thursday and so far I've lost 20 lb ... The weight has slowed down for me thou. , had the flu the last 10 days not sure if it's that or that I'm suffering really bad with constipation , you will do great if you stick to it
    All the best

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