Hi there!
So I started lipotrim as an 18st male on Monday 24th March hoping to do this for 4 weeks and here is how it has gone so far!
Day 1 was easy probably due to the weekends events taking there toll.
Day 2 was full of headaches and temptation but I soon realised I wasn't taking onboard enough water 3litres plus is really needed.
Day 3 was the toughest with temptation all around with a conference banquet and free drinks then an evening meal again with a paid bar. I resisted......somehow!
Day 4, I thought this would be tough after yesterday but a good nights sleep and I found this day a smooth one.
Day 5, due to working away a lot and will be next week this was my first weigh in day........I lost 5lbs in the first 4 1/2 days. Over the moon with this result and already looking forward to the next weigh in day!
Day 6 shake for breakfast and to celebrate some good news on the job front we went for an Italian meal. I had chicken with veg in tomato sauce and water to drink. Whilst not good that I ate a meal, I think I tried to stick with the protein as best as I could.
Day 7 is tomorrow but I will be back on the shakes as I have done for the this first week!
The chicken soup is awful! Shakes are ok with the choc one my fav when blended with ice cubes making a smoothie.
Here's to next week!