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Thread: New to lipotrim - hard but worth it

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    Hi All,

    I'm a 21 year old female and I'm new-ish to Lipotrim and just wanted to share my experience with you all so far. I feel I need to make use of MiniMins because forums such as this are keeping me sane - this is the hardest diet I have ever been on!

    I've been struggling to lose weight for soo long, and I don't know if anyone else experienced this but you try for ages and hardly lose a pound then a mate of yours tries half as much and the weight just falls off? Happened to me too many times than I could count.
    I always told myself I was doing all the right things though, exercising regularly, eating the right foods, drinking enough water - but I really wasn't. Since starting Lipotrim, maybe others feel this way too, but when you can't eat anything you become so much more aware of what you were actually putting in your system without thinking. Yes, I ate healthily most of the time but there were those days where I thought
    "I can afford to eat this McDonald's meal"
    "These chicken wings won't do any harm"
    "I've already had a bunch of almonds (healthy but high in fat) but I can I'm going to have a handful more, then another..."

    Allowing myself one too many cheats here and there, grazing more than necessary , it all added up!
    I'd heard a lot about Lipotrim but was reluctant to try it as it seemed extreme - but at 86.5kg and only 5ft3 it was time to do something strict !

    3 WEEKS IN - I've lost over 1.1 stone
    and I feel great. People have noticed the weight loss, my clothes are becoming looser, the horrid back fat "rolls" that really ruin some outfits are disappearing, and my confidence is growing. I've got a lot more to loose but it's a motivating start.

    WEEK 1 - 3.4 KG
    WEEK 2 - 2.1KG
    WEEK 3 - 1.5KG

    I've tried many ways of eating the shakes/soup to make it more palatable and this has helped - I've checked with my advisor and they're all allowed:
    - the muffin method (I think it's posted somewhere on minimins) with a couple of sweeteners and not too long in the microwave its pretty nice. Not too often though I've been told, but once a day or every other is fine as it might kill the nutrients if overcooked.
    - the "custard" method
    - frozen mousse/sorbet/ ice cream method
    - Chicken soup with black pepper or crushed red chillies and 1 sweetener - it's actually quite nice. A sweet and spicy thick soup.
    - Frappes
    - choc/vanilla powders mixed with hot coffee
    - choc powder and peppermint tea for ice cold mint choc shake or hot mint flavoured chocolate
    - and plain old milkshake with a couple sweeteners and a few ice cubes

    The cravings have been intense - it is a hard diet more so mentally than physically, however, I'm getting there. By the looks of it everyone on here is getting there! The weight loss stories are inspirational.
    Sorry for the essay guys just needed to let it all out lol
    Any other newbies - share your experiences too!


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    well done that is a great loss
    and a great inspiration for those of us on day 1

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    Total Weight Loss: 4st8.4lb
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    Well done on your weight loss I am 23 and like you I've tried everything to loss weight and it's not happening but taking these shakes have seemed to be working xD keep it up

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