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Thread: Erm ...... Hello?!

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    Erm ...... Hello?!

    Just joined and no idea where to post so sorry if I shouldn't have done this! Technology confounds me!! Lol I started lipotrim 2 weeks and 2 days ago and lost 8lbs first week 4lbs second week. It's Easter Sunday and my birthday tomorrow and ive been battling with whether to take a day off and enjoy myself. Having read some of your fab posts in gonna try my best to stick with it! Even tho cotton mouth is driving me nuts! Lol I can't say as I find myself too hungry but I do find it boring! You don't realise how much of your life revolves around food and drink till you do something like this! Anyway hello all looking forward to support and advice xxx

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    stick with it hunu dont want to knock out ketosis and have to start over xx I know what u mean about boring lol and I have began to notice how I rely emotionally on food but that just makes a depressing fatty so I must do this and become a happy fitty hahaha xxx good luck hun I do know its boring but try mixing ur shakes a little differently to change tastes loads of ideas on here hope that helps xx

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