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Thread: Confessions of a caring husband!

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    Confessions of a caring husband!

    I started Lipotrim on Monday this week and resigned myself to having to juggle family meals with preparing my own shakes and soups. However, on Monday, it turned out that my eldest daughter would be sorting out her own tea (she does Slimming World), her boyfriend said he was eating out that evening, and the youngest daughter was going to London on a school theatre trip. So that just left me and hubby...

    Hubby decided to pop to Tesco and pick up a couple of bits and left me to sort out my dinner (chicken flavour shake - actually quite yummy!).

    When hubby didn't return for 90 minutes, I didn't think anything of it - after all, this is a man capable of going to Tesco for a bottle of milk and coming home with a 39-inch telly (yes, it's happened!) so I just figured he was having a wander around.

    When he finally got back (minus a telly this time, but with a DVD player which he'd picked up at Argos en route!) he just had a few things including a pack of cereal bars. So, I thought he was going to be eating later and had just bought the bars as a snack.

    The following evening, as we were chatting, it transpired that the reason he was so long at Tesco was because he had gone into the restaurant next to the store for a bite to eat, as he didn't want to eat solid food in front of me, in case it upset me!

    I was amazed, because I didn't expect him to go to those lengths to spare my feelings!!

    I was very touched but told him not to do that in future, because I didn't expect everyone else to change their lives around me, just because I'm on a different eating plan to everyone else. This is my choice and I don't expect it to affect the family, except in a positive way when I get slimmer and healthier and we as a family can do more together as a result. I've also told them that I will prepare meals if there is no one else in to do it, because I don't expect people to come in from a long day at work if I've been at home that day (sometimes I work from home).

    Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon with their OH's or families? Or do you find yourself having to juggle different meals for different people, as well as your own Lipotrim needs?

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    Aww bless your OH, I have to cook for the family but after the first couple of days the temptation reduced

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