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    Diet: LIPOTRIM
    Start Date: 12 May 2011


    Hi anybody want to be a slimming partner Im starting lipotrim again after 3 years. Developed an allergy to artificial sweeter during this diet the first time on it
    I have to loose 6 stone medical reasons and im fed up of being so big I know my downfall is sugar biscuits and bread
    Starting weight 16 stone
    1st goal under 16 stone
    2nd goal under 15 stone fit into some of my old clothes

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    Diet: Lipotrim
    Height: 5ft5in
    Start Date: 17/09/12
    Start Weight: 20st0lb
    Current Weight: 12st1lb
    Goal Weight: 11st0lb
    Goal Date: Whenever it happens.

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 46.6
    Current BMI: 28.1
    Goal BMI: 25.6

    Total Weight Loss: 7st13lb
    Weight to Lose: 1st1lb
    % Lost 39.64%
    Good luck and welcome xx

    Lipotrim 17/09/12
    Start weight 280lbs *gasps*
    Target weight 168lb

    Month 1 - 25lbs gone. Month 2 - 43lbs gone. Month 3 - 61lbs gone.
    Two week refeed for Christmas :-) 03/01/13 round 2, 5lbs gain, another 12 ish weeks to go :-)

    Restart weight - 224lbs/16st - total 56lbs gone
    Month 1 - 20lbs gone.

    25/03/13 FINAL RESTART! 15st 7lbs this morning :-(
    Week 1 - 18lbs gone!!! Week 2 - 6lbs gone, Week 3 - 1lb on :-( Week 4 - 8lbs gone
    Month 1 - 31lbs gone Week 5 - 5lbs gone 7 stones gone :-) Week 6 - 6lbs gone

    Changed to alternate days fasting and have been maintaining between 11.3 - 11.10. Recent increase in weight, back to reset the "greedy brain"

    18/11/13 - 12st 1lb
    Week 1 -

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    Diet: Lipotrim
    Height: 5ft4.5in
    Start Date: 28/08/2012
    Start Weight: 12st8lb
    Current Weight: 10st4.5lb
    Goal Weight: 8st10lb
    Goal Date: September

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 29.7
    Current BMI: 24.4
    Goal BMI: 20.6

    Total Weight Loss: 2st3.5lb
    Weight to Lose: 1st8.5lb
    % Lost 17.9%
    Good luck!!! Well done for taking the plunge and starting xx

    Start Weight 06/06/2014 12stone 8lbs

    Week 1 - 11st13lbs (-9lbs)
    Week 2 - 11st 9.5lbs (-3.5lbs)
    Week 3 - 11st 6.5lbs (-3lbs)
    Week 4 - 11st 1.5lbs (-5lbs)
    Week 5- 10st 11.5lbs (-4lbs)
    Week 6 - 10st 7.75lbs (-3.75lbs)
    Week 7 - 10st 4.5 lbs ( -3.25lbs)
    Week 8 - 10st 3.5lbs (-1lb) 1 cheat day during week

    Total lost so far - 2st 4.5 lbs

    In 2012 Lipotrim 100% for 16 weekS going from 12st4lbs (size 16) to target of 8st 6lbs (size 8) , total loss of 3st 12lbs. Didnít do refeed, went on and off the wagon for 6 weeks after getting to goal and lost the plot a little. Than fell pregnant at 10 st 7lbs so could not continue with lipotrim. Was just under 12 stone at full term pregnancy. After I had my baby goose the weight just piled on. Back on it for round 2 and this time I WILL MAINTAIN!!

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    Diet: Lipotrim
    Welcome aboard the constipation train, remember water is your friend :-)

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    Welcome!! Good luck to achieve all of your goals!

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