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Thread: My yard is full of boys?

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    My yard is full of boys?

    Good morning fellow constipated, stinky breath compulsive urinators.

    Back on the lipotrim as I have allowed myself to regain a lot of the weight I lost last time.

    Currently on day 6 100% so far no real issues, once you get past day three it does seem to get better.

    Got my mint teabags, got my blender, got my shaker cup and good to go.

    Will be on here for the support when I start fetishising carbs again and need reigning it.

    Happy lipoing :-)

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    hi. im coming back today for a few weeks. not sure if you remember me but i remember your name defiantely

    and yeah im not looking forward to the constipation either lol

    h x
    what i want to achieve from my weight loss....

    to be happy with who i am..done!

    to be a size 10 again..
    to be able to go to my cupboard and pick out something to wear and it to fit, rather than wear something i dont like cause its the only thing that fits anymore..
    done and love this one

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    I've just started week 4 and it seems that you end up every other day. Most unpleasant! Good luck Cankster.

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    Goal Date: whenever...

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    Start Weight - 12stone 7lbs (20/04/2015)

    Week 1 - 11st13lbs (-8 lbs) (5:2 diet)
    Week 2 - 12 st 2lbs (+3 lbs) (5:2 diet) no idea how TOTM a couple of days later so that may explain in.
    Week 3 - 11st 8.5lbs (-7.5lbs) (Lipotrim 100%)
    Week 4 - 11st 9lbs (+0.5lbs) (4 days off plan)
    Week 5 11st10lbs (+1lb) (5:2 diet, but very naughty days in between. Did weigh 11st8lb after 2nd fast day tho)

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