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Thread: OMG!! Surely this can't be right?? Update.

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    OMG!! Surely this can't be right?? Update.

    Hey All, For some reason couldn't get into the original so thought I'd post a quick update here. A few weeks ago I started having other symptoms, as well as the 34lbs, which I ignored just a little (severe shortness of breath, extreme weakness, swelling in feet legs hands eyes..sounds so pretty) After having trouble peeing I went to the Dr yesterday. She told me that the water retention and the rest could be because of kidney problems and is having me tested for kidney disease. Scary! All of a sudden I'd much rather it was just fat. And all I hear in my head is that Radiohead song, You do it to yourself. What a wally I have been for years!! Anyhow, fingers crossed it's not too bad and can be remedied. On the plus side I'm 6lbs down in 3 days so long may that continue

    Hoping you all are good and enjoying the sun x

    Ps. While I'm hoping it's just an infection, I really want to say that I hope everyone looks after themselves and pays attention to their health and well being, aside from just weight. I ignored everything for years, not smart. Take care everybody
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