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    Back to this forum!!!

    Hello Ladies & Gents
    After stopping Lipo a couple of weeks ago and trying Atkins for a bit Im sick of too-ing and fro-ing so Im going back on the Lipo. I've loads of sachets left, gonna see if I can do it this time.
    Im going to try another consultant tho, if I go somewhere else and explain Ive done it before do you think they'll be ok about it?

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    They should be fine about it ampsa and they should give you exactly the same (or better) advice and support. It's worth sticking with if you can and you need fight to get those first two weeks on the board and you will see a difference.

    Good luck and good to see you back (in the nicest possible way of course!)
    Start: 16st 10lbs BMI: 34.6

    Wk 1 - 9lbs
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    Wk 3 - 4lbs
    Wk 4 - 5lbs
    Wk 5 - 4lbs
    Wk 6 - 5lbs
    Wk 7 - 6lbs
    Wk 8 - 4lbs BMI 28.2

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    That's great news

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    Goal Date: September

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    Start BMI: 29.7
    Current BMI: 23
    Goal BMI: 20.6

    Total Weight Loss: 2st12lb
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    Glad to see you back xx

    Start Weight13.506/2014 12stone 8lbs

    Week 1 - 11st13lbs (-9lbs)
    Week 2 - 11st 9.5lbs (-3.5lbs)
    Week 3 - 11st 6.5lbs (-3lbs)
    Week 4 - 11st 1.5lbs (-5lbs)
    Week 5- 10st 11.5lbs (-4lbs)
    Week 6 - 10st 7.75lbs (-3.75lbs)
    Week 7 - 10st 4.5 lbs ( -3.25lbs)
    Week 8 - 10st 3.5lbs (-1lb) 1 day off plan
    Week 9 - 9st 13.5 lbs (- 4lbs)
    Week 10 - 9st 13.5 lbs (maintain) 4 days off plan
    Week 11 - 9st 11.5 lbs (- 2 lbs) 2 days off plan
    Week 12 - 9st 7lbs (-4.5lbs)
    Week 13 - 10st 2 lbs (+9 lbs) fallen of the wagon for the full week
    Week 14 - 9st 10lb (-6lb) 4 days back on track

    Total lost so far - 3st 1lb

    In 2012 Lipotrim 100% for 16 weekS going from 12st4lbs (size 16) to target of 8st 6lbs (size 8) , total loss of 3st 12lbs. Didnít do refeed, went on and off the wagon for 6 weeks after getting to goal and lost the plot a little. Than fell pregnant at 10 st 7lbs so could not continue with lipotrim. Was just under 12 stone at full term pregnancy. After I had my baby goose the weight just piled on. Back on it for round 2 and this time I WILL MAINTAIN

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