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Thread: Checking in- 2 and 1/2 stone gone

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    15th April, 2012
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    Diet: Low-carb with weight training
    Height: 5ft7in
    Start Date: 15/04/2012
    Start Weight: 20st7lb
    Current Weight: 17st4lb
    Goal Weight: 11st7lb
    Goal Date: When it happens

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 44.9
    Current BMI: 37.9
    Goal BMI: 25.2

    Total Weight Loss: 3st3lb
    Weight to Lose: 5st11lb
    % Lost 15.68%

    Checking in- 2 and 1/2 stone gone

    Hi folks, haven't been on here in quite a while as life is too crazy for Lipotrim right now, unfortunately, and I had to stop it before Christmas. However I've managed to maintain my weightloss which I'm very proud of, been healthy eating and plan to do another stint on LT maybe coming up to summer

    My LT journey goes in spurts of a few weeks at a time, been at it since April 2012 on and off but I've no intention of giving up on losing weight no matter what tools I'm using to get there. Here's my pre-Lipotrim photo back in March '12 and a recent one from New Years:

    Checking in- 2 and 1/2 stone gone-march2012.jpgChecking in- 2 and 1/2 stone gone-newyear.jpg

    In the first one I was 20 and a half stone, the second one 18 stone. I can't believe how big I was back then, eek! Still have a lot to lose but I feel so much better
    Get into the... 19s 18s 17s 16s 15s 14s 13s 12s 11s

    Current Mini-goal: 16 st 7 lb for four stone gone

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    Well done. Amazing to have kept it off x

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    Height: 5ft4in
    Start Weight: 10st4lb
    Current Weight: 9st12lb
    Goal Weight: 9st6lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 24.7
    Current BMI: 23.7
    Goal BMI: 22.7

    Total Weight Loss: 0st6lb
    Weight to Lose: 0st6lb
    % Lost 4.17%
    You look great x

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    Fantastic! :-) xx

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    31st May, 2013
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    Diet: lipotrim
    Start Weight: 14st2.0lb
    Current Weight: 14st2.0lb
    Goal Weight: 12st0lb

    Weight to Lose: 2st2lb
    % Lost 0%

    Week one = -9 Pounds

    Week Two - 4 Pounds
    Week Three = -5 Pounds
    Week Four = -1 Pound

    Mini goals get into 13's done
    Lose a stone done
    12st 10lbs done
    12st 7lbs done
    12st 3lbs done
    12st done
    11 13 lbs
    11 10lbs
    11 7lbs
    11 3lbs
    10st 13lbs
    10st 10lbs
    10st 7lbs
    10 st 4lbs
    10st 1lbs

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    North Wales UK
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    Diet: Lipotrim
    Start Date: 29th June 2013
    Start Weight: 25st7lb
    Current Weight: 19st12lb
    Goal Weight: 13st0lb
    Goal Date: 1st june 2014

    Total Weight Loss: 5st9lb
    Weight to Lose: 6st12lb
    % Lost 22.13%
    Where do I get one of those ^^

    sexy as!

    Start Weight - 25st 7lb
    Now - 20st 3lb

    Total So Far on VLCD's :- 5 Stone 4 lbs off
    Waist - 52" at a stretch - as of Oct 26th I am now 44" (Nov 4 managed to squeeze into 42" but a little bit tight still so will wait for now)
    December 1st 44" hanging, 42" now a good fit
    Shirt Size 5XL tight - 3XL (Most 3xls now fit apart from cheaper Asda George type jobbies though to be honest they are close) - still cant get into the 3XLs very well because of this darn belly!!!

    Mini Goal - to reach at least '19st 13lb' by Feb 29th (cmon!!)


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