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Thread: Exercise on Lt . Chicken soup & being a veggie and general waffle !

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    Exercise on Lt . Chicken soup & being a veggie and general waffle !

    Hi All hope your day is going well?just a quick question... Are you allowed to exercise on LT and does it accelerate the weight loss? I have booked in for a spinning class tomorrow morning, and just wanted your views... I Went to Boots this afternoon and it was open so I grabbed 2 weeks worth of LT . The pharmacist was really busy so didn't even weigh me ( which is what I wanted) so I have my supply of chocolate and strawberry shakes... He also gave me a cookie to try which I had for lunch ( I would rather eat my own eyes with a fork) and gave me one sachet of chicken soup to try... I'm a veggie so wondered if it was chicken flavour or actual chicken ? I am on day 2 and 4 lbs down today so v happy. One day at a time though.. X

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    Hi Jersey Joe,

    I was very concerned that the pharmacy treated you in such an informal way. Lipotrim is a serious commitment to make; one where you should be monitored and weighed each week very carefully by the pharmasist.

    Also the "Cookie" you talk about should not be eaten during the first week, and nor should the soup. Did the pharamacy explain that if you do eat the "Cookie" you need to drink an extra glass of water with it?

    The soup is however, chicken flavour rather than something with a "Face on it" as Vegetarians say so you are fine to eat that. If you think the Cookie was bad wait until you try the soup - yuk!

    As to exercise, yes you can do exercise whilst on Lipotrim 100%. However, you will need to take more water to compensate. As to accelrating weight loss, there has been lots of discussion on this forum about this, you could do a search for the threads. Some have done the Couch to 5k exercise programme and others have done exercise classes. For myself, I do once a week Aqua Extreme class, but struggle the next day with being hungry so am very careful not to be too energetic. Your own body will dictate how you play things and it is improtant to listen to it.

    So, welcome to Lipotrim, look forward to hearing your posts. Hope the above was useful.

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    Is the "cookie" the flapjacks? Because I had the soup in my first week and I don't remember reading anywhere that the soup and flapjacks were not allowed in the first week?? xxx

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