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Thread: Curvy size 14 anyone?

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    Question Curvy size 14 anyone?

    This is a strange request but I'm looking at wedding dresses and I've found one I love but for her to quote me a price she wants my size. I can't give it her as I've not lost the weight yet, and I'm only researching prices for expences. I'm hoping by my wedding I'll be a nice curvy size 14.
    Would anyone who's a curvy size 14 just measure themselves so I can get a rough price lol. I know I won't be exact but I can't even make up a measurement of a size 14 haha. I'll need bust,waist and hips please xx

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    Hope this helps!

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    Shows how times and measurements change!

    I was a size 14 as a teenager and when first married. My measurements were


    and I struggled to get into a 14 with those measurements!!

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    I know this might sound crazy, but have you thought about ordering a made to measure dress.

    There are lots of made to measure from Thailand and Hong Kong on ebay that make up in 6 weeks for a fraction of what most brides pay.

    You don't say how far ahead your wedding is, but if you loose what you want and then refeed and maintain between ordering and the wedding you should have a fit like a glove.
    A lot of these far eastern seamstresses will also design dresses for the same money.
    Just some food for thought.


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