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Thread: New to this... don't even know what a thread is?

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    8th January, 2012
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    Diet: Lipotrim
    Height: 5ft0in
    Start Date: 3/1/2012
    Start Weight: 11st11lb
    Current Weight: 11st11lb
    Goal Weight: 8st7lb
    Goal Date: The sooner the better!!

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 32.2
    Current BMI: 32.2
    Goal BMI: 23.2

    Weight to Lose: 3st4lb
    % Lost 0%

    New to this... don't even know what a thread is?

    Hi all... stumbled upon this site a day after I started Lipotrim (3/1/2012), found it so inspirational and positive, really wanted to join in the chats. Unfortunately i'm not very good with IT and didn't know where to start. Well i'm hoping this gets to you all.

    My starting weight was 11st 11lb, quite heavy considering i'm only 5ft nothing. Weighed in on Tuesday (10/1/2012) and am now 11st 4lb, loss of 7lb. Thought I would be really pleased, but seeing some of the remarkable amounts most of you lost in your first week, I felt a little bit disappointed.

    I intend to carry on going, might need some support though and will be really happy to give support to anyone who might need it.

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    1st October, 2011
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    Diet: Lipotrim / Weight Watchers
    Height: 5ft2in
    Start Date: 26th Aug 2011
    Start Weight: 20st9lb
    Current Weight: 12st13lb
    Goal Weight: 9st11lb
    Goal Date: 31st Aug 2012

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 52.9
    Current BMI: 33.1
    Goal BMI: 25.1

    Total Weight Loss: 7st10lb
    Weight to Lose: 3st2lb
    % Lost 37.37%
    You've come to the right place for support. Great bunch of people on here to help. Good luck and keep posting. Practice makes perfect!!!
    Lipotrim journey
    Week 1 - 13 -5st 1lb TFR
    Week 14 - 15 -2lbs refeed
    Week 16 - 18 -3lbs Maintenance
    Week 19 -22 -18lbs Back on TFR
    Week 23 - +2lbs Refeed
    Week 24 - 26 -3lbs Holiday
    Week 27-28 + 2lbs

    Total Loss on LT 6 stone 9lbs

    Weight Watchers journey
    Start Weight 14st 1/2lb

    Week 1 -3lbs
    Week 2 -2lbs
    Week 3 +2.5lbs
    Week 4 -6lbs Lost over 100lbs
    Week 5 -3lbs
    Week 6 -2lbs
    Week 7 +2lbs
    Week 8 -1.5lbs
    week 9 -1lb

    The Long Haul

    - to get below 200lbs Done 21/1/12
    - to get below 90kg Done 28/1/12
    - to get into 13 stones Done 28/1/12
    - 7 stone loss Done 23/3/12
    - 5% target Done 13/4/12
    - to get into 12 stones
    - 10% target
    - 8 stone loss
    - to get into 11 stones
    - 9 stone loss
    - to get into 10 stones
    - 10 stone loss
    - to get into 9 stones
    - 11 stone loss
    - to achieve a BMI of below 30
    - to achieve a BMI of 25
    - To get into my size 16 jeans.
    - SIZE 14!!!!
    - SIZE 12 ?????

    to jog the Race for Life

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