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Thread: Jackie's Lipotrim Diary Jan 2014

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    Jackie's Lipotrim Diary Jan 2014

    I'm 51 years old and a yo-yo dieter but it really has to stop now as my health is suffering. I'm hoping I will look back at this message in a couple of months time, feeling so much better!

    Friday, 3 Jan 2014 - visited pharmacy and started Lipotrim (already done Lighter Life and W8 so knew what to expect) - took my blood pressure 4 times as it was so high! Was told to wait for 2 weeks and if it hasn't improved visit doctor to increase BP tablets. Weighed in at 13 stone - considerably more than I had expected and I only weighed myself a week before Christmas! Currently suffering from joint pain, constant tiredness, severe IBS, frequent headaches and high blood pressure.

    Saturday, 4 Jan (Day 1) - Started Lipotrim. Felt thirsty all day even though I had drank 2 pints of water - couldn't manage 4. Had a severe headache all day and went to bed early but didn't feel hungry!

    Day 2 - feeling much more energetic, not feeling hungry, but have severe period pain which I never have.

    Weigh in is on Friday and on Saturday I start a beginners jogging club in Moat Park (hopefully I will feel up to it).

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    Hi, Jackie
    I am back on lipotrim for second time since loosing 4 and half stone last year. I would recommend drinking at least 3litres of water each day to stop the headaches. I lost 6 lb in the first week but I did have a blip. It's really hard to start for a second time. I am only on this for 5 weeks total and then I will ensure that i reefed properly as didn't last time. I will always have to keep a close eye on my weight but Lipotrim helps me get a handle on things. I can't afford to stay on it for longer! Currently 13 st 6 lb and would love to get to 11 st again or even lower. Good luck and when that sudden intense feeding frenzy urge surges turn your back on the cupboard or fridge and iron/wash up/read a book instead. x
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    Week 1 -6lb
    Week 2 -5lb
    Week 3

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    Good luck on your Lipotrim journey, every one here is very supportive. You sound like you've had an eventful start but I'll back up that you should drink 2-3 litres of water per day (I think that's the limit for women) as it not only drastically improves weight-loss but also will reduce headaches, give you more energy, keep your skin healthy but also it's nice to swallow often.

    Another thing though is I don't recommend exercise for the first couple of weeks. You won't have the energy to do it and it's also counter-productive for weight-loss.

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