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Thread: Day1 complete ?

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    Day1 complete ?

    Hiya everyone,

    Day 1 was soo hard but Iv done it. So chuffed I stuck to it now. One day closer. Just took pics now too and I was last week 12.4 1/2 but I'm now 12.1 1/4 but only started today 100% shakes with no food. Happy Iv stuck to it though. Tomorrow it all starts again lol
    How are you all getting on?

    Roxie xxx

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    Diet: my own
    Height: 1.7m
    Start Date: july 14
    Start Weight: 95.4kg
    Current Weight: 90.5kg
    Goal Weight: 70.0kg

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 33
    Current BMI: 31.3
    Goal BMI: 24.2

    Total Weight Loss: 4.9kg
    Weight to Lose: 20.5kg
    % Lost 5.14%
    hiya. started myself again today and i know once i get day one out of the way ill be fine (just the mind over matter thing again)

    h x
    what i want to achieve from my weight loss....

    to be happy with who i am..done!

    to be a size 10 again..
    to be able to go to my cupboard and pick out something to wear and it to fit, rather than wear something i dont like cause its the only thing that fits anymore..
    done and love this one

    Bournemouth Speed of Light 5k ran in 37min 20sec Oct 13
    santa stride 5k - 32 mins 8 dec 13
    glastonbury round the tor 5k - 28 mins 10 secs May 14

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    Hi how are you doing Harriet? I'm on day 2 and still going well. But so hungry until I had my shake lol xx

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