So I have followed a vlcd in the past (Lipotrim) and was successful in my weight loss. Almost 3 stone in 8 weeks.

Well I know people will be saying why didn't u keep it off the fact was I did, fell pregnant lost tonnes more but then the sudden death of my father made me gain 4 stone back. Anyway...I am back but this time I am going to follow SML as this is much cheaper that 45 per week In N.Ireland. I couldn't have got through my journey without this group the last time because so many people are in the same boat.

People saw don't follow this diet but to be honest I need total control over my eating habits. For me I have always had a weight issue in my life and I do know that its comfort eating because my weight has always came before everything in my life, job opportunities, nights out and just choices. I am studying and would love to have a good lot off by the time I go bk in Sep.

Good luck everyone,

Diole x