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Thread: The weird zone

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    The weird zone

    Hi, all,

    I wonder if anyone else has experienced this? I've lost around 75lb from my heaviest, and have around another 35lb to go. What I'm experiencing is that somehow I've gone from the extraordinary class where no one mentions weight loss to a place where I'm near enough to normal that everyone feels like they can comment and be rude about my weight.

    When I was grossly overweight no one mentioned it, but now I am almost 'normal' overweight I feel fatter than ever, and these last pounds are so much harder to lose than the first set.

    Ta... (and sorry for the *****ing )

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    I think people don't want to mention weight when it is in the obese/morbidly obese range, as they fear offending, upsetting, causing more emotional pain.
    When it is just being overweight, people find it easier to comment, as it is not such a massive weight loss to go until the healthy range.
    75lbs is effing amazing. The weight of an average 10 year old you have lost. That IS amazing.
    Your joints are under less pressure. Your heart and organs are working more efficiently. You have done so well. Look at where I am in my goal......I can only wish for the will power that you have demonstrated
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    Hi, Lucy, yes I am sure you're right.

    One of the things you get with long distance weight loss is that it's pretty hard to remember the "you" at the beginning of the journey. Four years is a long time.

    Maybe it's a "trading up" kind of problem

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    Well done on the 75lbs, that's brilliant. To be honest, the only person who's ever been rude about my weight is my husband, lol. I've certainly had the opposite problem though, which is also quite common I believe, of people telling me I don't need to lose any more. It probably started around 2 stones back, and I'm still around 5lbs from target - you're so right about the last part being the hardest, it really is!! xx

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