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Thread: Can't climb this wall..

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    Can't climb this wall..

    So, when I started off I was 273lbs... ashamed of myself and generally unhappy. 18 months later and I had lost 40lbs. It seemed to be so easy at the beginning, I was doing one zumba class a week and in 2 months had lost 9.5lbs by may I had lost my first stone and by xmas 2012 I was almost at 28lbs. I continued losing and adding classes and by august 2013 I had lost my 40th pound and was up to 4 classes a week. But then everything just stopped. I havent lost a pound since august, im now at 5 classes a week and eating well but still nothing. The doctor just shakes his head when he weighs me to find im still the same. Does anyone have any tips for kick starting this losing streak again? Ive another 50lbs to go before id even consider being content.

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    Hiya. Have you worked out how many calories you should be eating in order to lose weight effectively? xx

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