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    Hello all - just thought I'd ask in here as likely to encounter more people who this applies to.

    What does everyone do about clothes. I have lost 3 stone with slimming world so far and I am still wearing the same clothes as when I started (though some of them are a bit roomier I suppose). These range between 28-32 depending on how generous they are - I think anything in a 28 has stretched since bought when I was smaller.

    I had a couple of things in my wardrobe (I am quite bad for buying online and being too lazy to send back stuff that doesn't fit) that I couldn't get into that I now can which is cheering but I don't think I've shifted size yet.

    When I lost my first stone and a half I bought myself a couple of new tops just as I was feeling quite positive but then they came and then I was upset I was still in the same size. I know if you are smaller then a stone is normally about a dress size but that clearly isn't the case for people with a lot to lose. I then decided I wasn't going to buy anything new until I absolutely had to because things were falling off me.

    Last week I did - I have had to buy a load of new knickers - for which had to go down to a size 24 (woo) and now I am thinking about when things do get to big. What do people do - just buy a couple of things in the next size down and make them last until you need the next size down again. Get things altered? Learn to sew and alter them yourself. Just wear baggy stuff?

    Also while we are discussing clothing - does anyone have any online plus size sites they'd like to recommend. i pretty much live in simply be stuff as they have a clearance site and I feel priced out by Evans and don't like a lot of their stuff. I love Joe Browns when I can get it a decent price and love holyclothing . com for more um new age type stuff.
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    I just buy a couple of smaller tops at a time. I find it usually takes a couple of stone for me to drop a size. I also have a couple of skirts with safety pins in the waist band because the waist is to big but the hips are a fit lol. In winter I tend to layer up so that the larger size fits for longer even though I am smaller now.

    I use Ulla Popken quite a lot. It can be a bit pricey but I usually trawl the sale section and wait for them to send discount codes as they charge postage.

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    I carry on wearing stuff for as long as it looks okay.

    I mainly don't spend enough on things to worry about getting them altered but have the odd special outfit I'll consider it for. No way I'd try it myself though, can only just about fix a hem!

    When clothes are too big they can be really unflattering too. It's a nice feeling when you can get in a smaller size and losses are always more obvious when you wear your new smaller stuff. Tends to be when other people notice and it's a lovely boost when they do

    It's 2 stone before I can drop too I've refused to buy over a certain size so probably drop sizes as my current clothes get more comfortable if that makes sense

    Dress agencies might be good if you've got quality stuff??

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    Hi. I found the same issue with clothes. Usually 2 stone = drop in dress size.
    i now just buy leggings/skinny jeans and a few cheap tops from Asda/Tesco/Primark to see me through until I get to the weight I want to be. Good luck x

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    Buying clothes on ebay can be good, because you can find cheap stuff, and it doesn't matter if it is used and a bit worn, because hopefully you're just passing through the sizes!!

    Tops with tie backs can be good so you can adjust the ties and keep some shape. In the past when I've lost weight I've also had to put some of my clothes on a really hot wash to shrink them a bit!!!
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