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Thread: Newbie with 10+ stone to lose with SW and Hospital.

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    Newbie with 10+ stone to lose with SW and Hospital.

    Hello all, I'm Pippa and am in my 3rd week back at Slimming World, am also under the bariatric team at hospital. I was on Slimming World before and had just got to under 20 stone when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, Between the meds and the 'f**k it I just want chocolate and ice cream' I managed to regain a percentage of that weight. But I am back on the road to health (hopefully) and so am back at the weightloss. I firstly want to lose weight as I need surgery to have my gallbladder removed and I would like to be at 19 stone maximum for that.... my next appointment is in January and secondly well I want to do it for me. I am fed up of being the fat friend.
    I am joining here as I need the support, my mother is doing SW with me... however has 3 stone to lose so doesn't quite get it and leads me down the naughty path to happily. I am in the midst of a rubbish willpower day, after a rubbish one yesterday also!!! so I need to work through this and not lose it.... some days I feel like SW is the wrong choice for me as I panic about weigh ins and get stressed about it so am tempted to follow the diet and only have my weigh ins at the hospital...
    I am aware I am just chatting now.....
    Is there anyone else here under the Bariatric team? How are you finding the journey? I was set a target of 14kgs to lose.... in 2 years which I find bizarre!
    I am sorry for such a long post, thank you for reading if you managed it, I look forward to getting to know you all xx

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    Welcome Pippa! I've been following SW too, so far it seems to work for me but I do think losing weight and following any plan is really personal. You will find a plan that works for you, I need that accountability and going to group gives me that. Good luck on your journey

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    If it doesn;t work for you - and that includes naughty temptation from your mum too - then it doesn't work! There's lots of other ways and we want the best for you - perhaps it's worth spending an afternoon having a flick through the various options and see what you think you can do?

    Welcome hun! Good luck - hope you're feeling better!
    Goal: Lose 7lb by October 31st

    Goal: Lose 6st 9lb before Christmas (to 20st)

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    Welcome Pippa, hope your journey is a positive one. SW recipes can be really delicious.
    As Mohammed Ali once said:
    "Don't count the days, make the days count"

    Friday WI - started 328lb = 23st6
    week 1 - 18lb loss

    Goal 1 - to stay on Exante a week with no slips (achieved)
    Goal 2 - get to 22st
    Goal 3 - lose 10% starting weight (21st)
    Goal 4 - Get into 19's

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    Welcome, Pippa! I'm sorry to hear about your health problems, and hope you're doing well at the moment. Good luck with the weight loss - this is a good place to come for support. xx

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    hi pippa
    good luck with your weight lost love x x
    new one said its going to be easy but you will love the end result xx

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