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Thread: and so i begin......

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    and so i begin......

    Hi all. after years and years of yoyo dieting (and ending up slightly bigger than last time) I've decided enough is enough. I've got just under 11 months till I'm 30 and I want to be fit and 30 not fat and thirty!!! I tried starting this journey last year and lost 3st only to give up and put some back on! I'm still 23lbs lighter than my heaviest but have 70-80lbs to go. Seems like such a lot but I'm so determined!! I'm weighing and measuring tomorrow and starting a low carb diet. And exercise plan. Hubble is gonna hide the scales and I'm not getting on them for 5 weeks (I let what they say control my mood and it can derail me!)my goal is to lose a stone and hopefully a dress size in those 5 weeks x

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    Hi! Welcome to the group :-)
    I think I speak for a lot of the members here when I say I can totally relate to the yo-yo effect. Great idea to hide the scales, especially if you know that they can make or break your mood. How are you going about controlling your eating, are you following a specific plan like WW or SW?

    Lool forward to keeping up to date with your journey, you can do it! )
    Essie x

    - Lose 1 stone ACHIEVED 15 Feb 2015
    - Lose 2 stone
    - Lose 10% body weight/ 34lbs
    - Get out of 300's/ 36lbs

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    Hi Fit and welcome!

    Well done for getting OH to hide the scales, am having my own issues with mine too!
    Call me Susie

    Time to live - I'm going to make it all count - and have a great time doing it


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    Welcome & good luck on your journey

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    taking it a day at a time :)
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    Goal Date: when i get there then next milestone after this goal

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    Start BMI: 62
    Current BMI: 61.2
    Goal BMI: 43.3

    Total Weight Loss: 0st4.5lb
    Weight to Lose: 7st6.5lb
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    hi welcome to the forum and enjoy your journey you will get loads of help here hun x x
    new one said its going to be easy but you will love the end result xx

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    Welcome! Good luck for your mission. Having just turned 30 I have decided that this is my year!

    Big goal - 35lb in 35 weeks
    1st mini goal - 8.5 by Feb 11th DONE!!!

    Weigh-in day Tuesday
    Week 1 - 4.5 gone!
    Week 2 - 2 gone! 6.5 to date
    Week 3 - 3 gone! 9.5 to date

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    Goal BMI: 26.4
    Hi...just wanted to say good luck with your weight loss journey.
    I turn 30 in just over 6 weeks so I'm hoping to lose a stone by then :-)
    Start - 15/02/2015 - 16st 7lbs
    Week 1 - 22/02/2015 - 16st 4lbs
    Week 2 - 01/03/2015 - 16st 3lbs -1lb

    Goal 1 - 16st -
    Goal 2 - 15st 7lbs -

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