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    Protein shakes

    Hi I'm new to this. I would like some advice?? I'm following weight watchers BUT eating a low carb diet and taking a whey protein shake for brekkie and then lunch I would have steak egg and salad and in the evening my weight watchers meal? Is the protein shake ok to drink and will it help with weight loss. I'm also doing 30 mins aerobics. Please someone advise??

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    It is important to make sure that your shake is low in sugars (obviously) but you also need to be aware that too much protein can cause weight gain. it is recommended that you have around 30gms per meal (90gms in total). As a woman you wouldn't want to go over this. Excess protein will convert to fat. To make up the energy shortfall eat more fat (especially saturated meat sources and full fat dairy).

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    I second what nzmegs says but only in the circumstances that you are eating more calories than you are expending in the first place. If you're eating less (which you should be in following weight watchers) then you shouldn't be putting on weight/fat. The protein could help keep you full, but I can't see it helping you lose weight in itself. I eat high protein simply (and low carb, medium fat) to keep myself full, but am in calorie deficit. Suits me, as appetite is my main issue. If it's the same for you, then I think it may be a good idea. Just don't spend too much on these kind of products as they are not as special as they proclaim to be.

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    Protein shakes are beneficial if you are strength training. The more strength training you do, the higher your metabolism will be, the more fat you burn (even while you are asleep), and the easier it will be to maintain your loss. You still won't need more than 80-90 grams per day, but some people find it hard to get that many in and stay within a decent calorie deficit. For instance, you could eat chicken for 25 grams of protein, but if you need sauce or cheese, etc to make it tasty and you don't have the calories for that, a protein shake can do the trick (if low in sugar as someone already mentioned).

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