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Thread: My Challenge: Two carb free meals a day, will it work?

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    My Challenge: Two carb free meals a day, will it work?

    Morning all

    I was hoping for some advice from you low carb professionals! I've been a serial yoyo dieter for about 10 years now, points, syns, RC been there lost a bit, gave up!
    This year though, enough is enough. I got down to 10.13 before june when I did a sprint triathlon and since then, with 5 weeks working away from home and a two week holiday in USA, I'm back to 11.4 1/2. I thought to try going without carbs such as pasta, bread, potatoes or rice for two meals a day, breakfast and dinner. Lunch is more difficult as I'm a teacher and we have to eat school meals with the kids so I can't always gaurentee it will be carb free. With more exercise, do you think it will work?

    My meals are likely to be :
    Breakfast - protien shake or eggs and tomatoes
    Lunch - sandwich, soup or school dinners
    Dinner- meat and lots of veg

    Snacks- fruit and nuts

    Any advice?

    Thanks -)

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    Might work - depends on how senstitive you are to carbs and whether that triggers cravings. Also you are unlikely to be in ketosis so wont get the benefit of reduced appetite. Having said which, cutting carbs helps lots of people - if you read up about primal then 80/20 still gives people lots of benefits

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    Re: My Challenge: Two carb free meals a day, will it work?

    Agree with going on the primal blueprint. If you have soup or similar for lunch you should be fine but my advice would be avoid pasta and bread as much as possible.

    I do know people who do what your doing and as long as they are good over the weekend it works just a touch slower.

    Personally I see this as a lifestyle now so you have to make it work for you. I always have a treat meal at weekends as foods a massive thing to my family and it means lots to have that meal together.usually though I manage anything but bead or pasta as it really upsets my stomach now

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    Try looking at a primal diet , The Primal Blueprint is one of the best because its a lot more involved than just a diet and there is some really great support features with it that help keep you on track

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    I think you will lose weight on it but I find bread gives me so many craving and quite a bit of bloating. Good luck though... I think your meal plan looks sensible and doable. x x

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