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Thread: No more bread

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    No more bread

    I'm new and really need help to keep of bread and any wheat as I have a wheat intolerance,
    I lost weight a few years ago but have slowly put a stone on so I need to be focused,
    Hope this works

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    Hi hun It's hard cutting bread (and the other stuff) out but you can do it!

    Good luck and welcome!
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    I'm trying to cut back on bread too as it really makes me bloated. I think I will initially start with only having it every other day and then trying to cut back more and more each week.
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    I've given up bread for 2 weeks then will get half carb livlife bread

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    Hope all is going well with you cutting out bread. I have always found the first week without bread to be the hardest and then I seem to get used to it not being in my diet and don't even miss it :-)

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    I never realise how bloated bread makes me untill I cut it out my diet and then reintroduce it. I do have the odd bit of bread now and again vut I certainly dont miss it being a major part of my diet.

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    I'm trying really hard to cut out bread - it's so hard as its so yummy but feel much better for it. Good luck everyone!

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